Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team holds the responsibility of following God’s call and leading the way for St. Mark’s members. This team oversees the vision, preaching, teaching, daily operations, and the far-reaching ministries of the church. They have committed to praying, studying Scripture, living God-honoring lives, setting the direction of the church, caring for members and non-members, and developing future leaders.

Reverend Stan SteelePastor Stan Steele – revstan@stmarkslc.org
Senior Pastor

Greetings! I have been the Pastor at St. Mark’s since late 2010. I am a native of South Carolina where I attended the University of South Carolina which makes me a Gamecock Fan even though it is painful at times! I graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and have served congregations in Cairo, Egypt, New York City, New Jersey and Baltimore. My wife, Stephanie, is the a chaplain at Ravenwood and Robinwood Senior Living. We have three children – Andrew, Victoria and Rachael, as well as two dogs.

As a Pastor my style is informal and relational. I want folks to know I am on the journey of faith and life just as they are and I am here to support and guide as best I can while needing your support and guidance as well. My teaching and preaching are framed by the Scriptures and by my experiences in life. My attempt is to be relevant and even humorous while honoring the importance of the message. My door is always open for a conversation, a cup of coffee or a meal together to discuss life and faith. St. Mark’s is indeed a place where everyone matters, and we support each other with our prayers, words and deeds. In my spare time, I enjoy movies, reading novels, hiking and trying to exercise.

You are invited to call, email, text, and tweet or send a message by Facebook. I enjoy meeting and talking with new people as I find it enriches my life. So I hope I will have the privilege of speaking to you soon.


St. Mark’s Leadership Team

Kathy Barr
Choir & Music Director Traditional

Karin Lytle
Music Director Contemporary

Tammy Huntsberry – thuntsberry@stmarkslc.org

Frank Forrest, Jr.
Maintenance Supervisor

Gladys Spessard – gspessard37@gmail.com
Church Council – President

Elaine Rose – gerose@verizon.net
Church Council – Vice President

Rhonda Bowers – rbowers542@aol.com
Church Council – Secretary

Ralph Bartles – ralphbartles@yahoo.com
Church Council – Treasurer

St. Mark’s Volunteer Staff

Julie Stouffer – jbstouffer@myactv.net
Food Bank Coordinator