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Created, Called, Crowned

Life is a series of seasons. During challenging seasons—from unique phases of life and rites of passage to the days surrounding deeply meaningful occasions like Mother’s Day or birthdays—it is not uncommon to wonder about our purpose in life or even question it if we ever knew what it was. As a child, I remember being asked to draw a picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up. It seemed so simple back then to dream up anything and just run with it, but somehow as we grow older we can be...

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Spring: A Time to Start Anew

Springtime is a season of new beginnings, especially as we continue to celebrate new life following Easter. But in a lot of ways, spring is also about endings. With school projects and papers due, graduations looming, final exams to take, and end-of-year concerts and tournaments, you can get weighed down. Sometimes it is hard to find your inspiration, that spark that makes you feel like the next project or task is worth completing, rehearsing or studying. You have what it takes inside of you to...

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A shaft of light...

We have all walked “tomb-ward” like Mary, on a morning of defeat or despair or deep grief. Pick up the daily paper. Evidence that evil is growing, death reigns, and sin is triumphant is splashed across the front page. It is not the newspaper’s fault. That is just life. Defeat, despair, and deep grief are all around us and yes, within us.

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Waving your palm...

It’s not every Sunday you receive a gift at church. However, on Palm Sunday, we will distribute palm branches to those who attend worship. You may see long palm blades that can be folded into a cross while our worship leaders may be using the leafy palms to wave during the singing of hymns. The palm branches that waved during Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem were a sign of Jewish pride and victory. With so many Jews gathered in town for the Passover festival, it is not surprising that palm...

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Lent and Promises

Someone once counted all the promises in the Bible, and said there are a total of 8,810.  Of these, 7,487—about 85% of the total—are God’s promises to us, and these are utterly reliable (Nelson’s Complete Book of Stories, Illustrations, & Quotes, p. 645).  We can afford to trust in God’s promises to us throughout our lives; one day we will be judged on whether we’ve kept our baptismal promises to Him.

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God's Eternal Love

“What does the word ‘forever’ mean? It is similar to the word, ‘eternal,’ a bible word which means never-ending and timeless.” Worldly ideas of “eternal” love (such as marriage) is nothing compared to the fullness of God’s love. Consider the following verse, “But God proves his love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8, NRSV). God’s action is unique – sending his own son, Jesus, to die for us when we least deserved it. God’s eternal love gave us Jesus and...

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Food Bank donations needed!

Food Bank in dire need!

The season of giving has passed but please keep in mind that there is a need year-around for assis

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Will You Believe?

“The Miracle of Christmas”   A Child is born in Bethlehem

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Advent Blessings - Don't be in a rush!

Yuletide rush For many people, the Christmas season has already begun. Black Friday has come and gone, Cyber Monday is a thing of the past. Television Christmas specials, school Christmas concerts, work-related Christmas parties and more Christmas events fill calendars for the next several weeks.

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