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Early Worship Service: Sunday @ 8:15am

Sunday School: Sunday @ 9:30am

Worship Service: Sunday @ 10:45am
(Second & Last Sunday - Contemporary)

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Renovation Update

NOTE: Worship Time & Location Change!

As our renovations continue, we are at a point in the work that we will temporarily lack heat and shut-off of our electric by the City. The new HVAC units have been installed. Work on the mural will begin in the near future. The Church Council feels that it will be in everyone's best interest to temporarily move our worship across the street to the Girl's Inc. social hall. With this move, the council decided to hold a single worship service beginning at 9:30 a.m. with no Sunday school.

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The increased demand in our Food Pantry has meant more frequent orders and increased costs. If you know of any funding sources, please contact Julie Stouffer or Pastor Stan. This ministry is a valuable mission point for St. Mark's and the community. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Please pray we are able to secure funds to continue this service to our neighbors.

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Sight and Sound Trip

Join us on November 21 for a trip to Sight and Sound to see "THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS". For more informaton or to reserve a seat, contact Pastor Stan or Gladys Spessard.

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Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the congregation is set for Sunday, November 24. A buffet lunch will be served after Worship and the meeting will begin at approximately 1:00 pm

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Almost Over!

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Let's Get Started!

This is it – school is finished, and summer has officially begun! After about a week of lounging on the couch, your kids will realize how much time they have on their hands. They can only watch so much TV, and it’s not healthy for them to be on screens an additional 35 hours per week. Of course, the first thing you will probably hear when you limit the devices is a loud chorus of “I’m bored!” Contrary to kids’ opinions, boredom is not bad. It’s a breeding ground for creativity.

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Finals Frenzy

As the school year comes to a close for students across the nation, there is one last challenge to endure: final exams. Final exams are often lengthy and can make up a sizable portion of the course grade, so students must take them seriously. Even though many teens would prefer to be outside enjoying the spring weather, they instead spend hours reviewing notes and reading textbooks in preparation for these end-of-the-year tests. Tests are inevitable

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Honoring THE FATHER this Father’s Day…

Around this time every year, my children begin to ask what their father would like for Father’s Day. My answer is always the same, “He doesn’t need anything, he would just like to share the day with you!” Of course, they aren’t satisfied with that answer and usually begin the search for a unique gift. But honestly, what father wouldn’t like to spend the day with their children, or even to just receive a phone call from that far-away child.

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Created, Called, Crowned

Life is a series of seasons. During challenging seasons—from unique phases of life and rites of passage to the days surrounding deeply meaningful occasions like Mother’s Day or birthdays—it is not uncommon to wonder about our purpose in life or even question it if we ever knew what it was. As a child, I remember being asked to draw a picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up. It seemed so simple back then to dream up anything and just run with it, but somehow as we grow older we can be...

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Spring: A Time to Start Anew

Springtime is a season of new beginnings, especially as we continue to celebrate new life following Easter. But in a lot of ways, spring is also about endings. With school projects and papers due, graduations looming, final exams to take, and end-of-year concerts and tournaments, you can get weighed down. Sometimes it is hard to find your inspiration, that spark that makes you feel like the next project or task is worth completing, rehearsing or studying. You have what it takes inside of you to...

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