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Live the "Amen"

Be careful of simple words said often. “Amen”, makes demands, like an unrelenting schoolmaster: Fierce attention to all that is said; No apathy, no preoccupation, no prejudice permitted. “Amen”:  We are present. We are open. We hearken. We understand here we are; we are listening to your word. “Amen” makes demands, like a signature on a dotted line; sober bond to all that goes before; no hesitation, no half-heartedness, no mental reservation allowed. “Amen”:  We support. We approve. We are of one mind. We promise. May this come to pass. So be it. Be careful when you say “Amen.”     

(Barbara Schmich)

 When do you say “Amen?”  Is it only in church or after hearing a stirring comment or presentation?  At the end of your prayers?  I say “Amen” on Sunday after the prayers, after receiving the bread and wine of the Eucharist, at the end of the service. I say if often really and without much thought, but the saying above gives me pause that I indeed need to, “be careful when I say “Amen!”  Like the “Amen” I pronounced after the ashes were applied on Ash Wednesday with the words. ‘Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”  Am I truly aware of the words spoken before I offer my “Amen” or is it just a word spoken with no real forethought. It is time for me and maybe you as well to consider the use of our “Amens.”. Do we understand what we affirm, what we speak or hear when we pronounced the “Amen?” During this season of Lent our “Amens” are even more impactful as we say ‘amen’ to our need for fasting from those things that keep us from God or from those things that dilute our closeness to God, this can be food, beverage, habits, actions and the list could go on and one. We say the ‘amen’ to those who need our help and aid whether they are someone we know or not for we are called to care for the neighbor in the name of Jesus. We say the ‘amen’ with our prayers for those around us, our church, our community, our nation, our world   and for ourselves.

So this Lent we strive to of one mind, to support each other without hesitation or reservation or half-heartedness. To be present, open and listening for the will of God and the gifts of His blessings.  So join with me in saying and living the “Amen” of faith and discipleship.

With the “Amen” of God’s Blessings,

 Pastor Stan