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Be Thankful in a Different Way

Consider starting a new Thanksgiving tradition. As November rolls around each year, we constantly hear the importance of developing a spirit of gratitude yet it isn’t always that simple.

Consider walking the walk – practicing what we preach. DO something!

Take some time before Thanksgiving Day to look back over the past year and choose four people who made a positive difference in your life. After developing your personal list (the only rule: the four people must be non-relatives), specifically express thanks to each of the four via note, text, email, or call. No need to do something elaborate, nothing over-the-top. Just send them a quick message of gratitude and explain what they did that made such an impact on your life during the year.

On Thanksgiving Day, share with your family who you selected and why. The result: your family has more people for whom they can express thanks, creating a spirit of gratitude that will fill  your hearts and highlight the holiday.

Consider adopting this idea as your new family tradition.

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3)