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Pastoral Thoughts

“While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering … You are witnesses of these things”
Luke 24: 41a; 48 

So the disciples now see the risen Jesus with their own eyes and they still cannot believe he is alive. What will it take? Jesus simply asks for something to eat to show he is real and alive. I believe Jesus wanted the disciples then and us now to know he was risen, alive and present. To show life he ate. Such a simple act but one that shows he is not a ghost or something imagined. He is real and present with them and I believe with us as well. During this Easter season we sing the great hymns, listen to the passages of scripture, admire the beauty of the spring and yet in our joy and hope are we too disbelieving? As good as life can be it can also present challenges, disappointments, anxiety and fear. As we read the news or reflect on our own lives what stands out? Life or death? Joy or sadness? You see death is still a powerful force in our world and even though death has been defeated by Jesus it still has its grip on us. The war so to speak is over but the battle continues. We constantly need to be reminded that life does triumph death. We need to be refreshed with the assurance that Jesus is very much real and alive in our world and in our lives.

There are several ways to keep ourselves in the belief of the resurrection. We gather on the first day of the week, Sunday, the resurrection day to worship and be reminded that Jesus is alive and active around us. We can give life as we support each other with a visit, card, or call. We also celebrate life when we allow others to care for us and show their support. This journey we are on is a long and uncertain one, but the one thing that is certain is that Jesus is alive and standing with us. We may sometimes be uncertain, but that’s the beauty of God’s grace for the presence of Jesus and life is not dependent on us. It is a gift from God through the resurrection of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Like the disciples of old we too are the witnesses. We too are called to tell the story and remind each other of the victory that is ours. Life and love and joy have been given to us by God. Like the disciples of old we only need to believe what our heart and spirit is telling us as well as our eyes. Death has been defeated. Jesus is alive. We are alive. Let’s declare our intention to believe this in a powerful way and to tell others who so desperately need to hear the word of life, the word of faith, the word of love from God in Jesus. It’s our call and our blessing to be the messengers of such marvelous good news. Why hesitate? Start today to live and share life with others in the name of Jesus.

Your fellow witness,
Pastor Stan