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Patience Anyone?

Have you noticed how we all tend to struggle with waiting?  When we were little kids, Christmas day couldn’t come fast enough.  Minutes seem like days when you are waiting to open presents under the tree! Even during this time of year, we impatiently wait for winter to end.

As we got older, simple childhood excitements faded, but the problem with waiting did not.  It is tough to wait for a lab result … to wait for an acceptance letter from school … to wait for that right someone … to wait for God to open a door of opportunity and bring about a needed breakthrough in your life, your vocation, and your family.

David told us he “waited patiently for the Lord.”  Think about how long he had to wait.  He was anointed the next king of Israel when he was barely a teenager.  God didn’t tell him when he would assume the throne; He just told him that he would assume the throne.  And David had to wait a very long time! David waited about twenty-five years before he became king over all Israel.  (2 Samuel 5:4-5).  God’s promise did happen but David had to learn patience.

How can we wait patiently?

Waiting patiently does not mean you sit around and do nothing.  And it definitely does not mean you live in anxiety and fear, thinking God may forget about you altogether.  Waiting is active, not passive.  It is faith-building, not fear-producing.  While we are waiting, we are to be trusting and serving and praising and expecting God to come through at any moment.  We are to cry out to Him night and day, reminding Him of His promises to us.  Yet all the while, we are waiting on

His perfect timing … because His timing is always best (and never in sync with ours!).

Let me encourage you as you wait patiently on the Lord to remember that He is truly loving and good.  He never makes a mistake.  He never misses a turn.  He never says, “Oops!”  He is always right on schedule.  So draw near to the Lord as you wait patiently, eagerly, and expectantly for Him.  Remind yourself daily of the great promise from Isaiah 64:4, “For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for Him!”