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St. Mark's ASP Trip (June 14-20)

This will be our fourth trip with the St. Mark’s Youth Group and we are hoping to head to Kentucky this year to offer our services. We anticipate sending 24 people to work, which is a cost of $7,535 plus the additional cost of supplies, including work gloves, safety goggles, respirators, other work related equipment,  lunch supplies, healthy snacks, and water for all our volunteers. We have held several fundraisers throughout this school year, including a spaghetti dinner, a pancake breakfast, and a sandwich sale. Unfortunately, we are still short of reaching our financial goal and are hoping that the members of St. Mark’s are willing to make financial donations to our trip. You may do this through your regular offering envelopes. Please include your extra donation and mark on the front of the envelope the amount with ‘ASP’ in the blank space provided.

Quick Facts about ASP

  • ASP was founded in 1969 by Rev. Tex Evans to make homes warmer, safer, and drier for impoverished families living in Central Appalachia.
  • Since ASP’s founding, 358,216 volunteers have repaired 16,693 homes.
  • 17,188 volunteers from more than 30 states volunteered with ASP in 2014.
  • In 2015, ASP will serve in 30 impoverished communities in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

ASP Changes Lives

Just a few days at ASP transforms the lives of those who come to serve. Home repair strengthens us physically while deepening our relationship with God. After serving with ASP in the past, we’ve returned home with a passion for putting our faith into action, a renewed compassion for other people, and a fresh appreciation for our place and purpose in this world.

ASP Strengthens Churches

Once our group completed their first ASP project, it’s become an integral part of our church’s calendar each year.

ASP Builds Relationships

By immersing volunteers in the lives of Appalachian families, ASP is more than a building program—it’s a relationship-building ministry. The bonds formed among volunteers and the Appalachian families are some of the most important aspects of the ASP experience. We spend a lot of time interacting with the families we are helping, learning about their lives, their struggles, and their faith. We go to give hope and help, to lift spirits, and remind the families of God’s love and provision. But we come away with so much more. Through their gratitude, we’ve gained a newfound appreciation for our own blessings. Through their down-to-earth faith, our own faith has grown stronger. Best of all, we’ve discovered that regardless of geography, education, or economics, all are equal members of the family of God.

We truly appreciate your prayers, as well as your financial support. This trip means so much to our youth and the families we serve.

Thank you!
Doug Fiery