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Why Attend Church?



Here is a question we face each week and hear from others. So now I ask you, why do you go to church?  Is it for the sense of community, to see friends and neighbors, to start the week with a purpose, or because you always have come? Or is it for some deeper reason such as the one suggested by Lutheran Pastor David Lose (much of these thoughts come from a recent blog posted by David), ‘…I just believe the good news is too hard to believe for more than seven days in a row.’  The good news that the God who created and still cares for the entire cosmos not only knows that we exist, but actually cares deeply about our ups and downs, ins and outs, and hopes and dreams. And even more that this God cares enough to send Jesus just so we will know how much God cares and loves us.


This all seems almost too good to be true.  On Sunday it sounds and even feels great, but by Thursday or Friday or even Monday it can seem far-fetched to say the least. So we come back each week to hear again of the love, grace and forgiveness so we can be encouraged to live it and even harder to live it for at least one more week. And for those who have not heard this good news or at least not to the degree to have felt the power of this love and grace it is even more difficult to accept so they stay away, filling their lives with other endeavors to shield them from the deep hunger for this love that only God through Jesus can give.


I would add one more reason to come to church, to be reminded we are ‘ALIVE’!  Not just alive to walk this earth, but alive to live with purpose and meaning. To live knowing we are instruments of love and change in this world. To live knowing we are unique and wonderfully created by God to bring light and hope to this world. I come to church to be reminded that Jesus gave me the words of life that give me purpose and meaning that allows my life to speak of this hope in my action and words. There is no better day to celebrate this miracle of life than on the day Jesus was resurrected to life, ‘Easter?’  On this day the power of life resounds from the heavens and we sing out with all of life the Alleluias to God for the life we have now and the new life we receive in the Resurrection.  So on this Sunday and those that follow, which are in themselves days of celebration of the resurrection, I invite you to come and celebrate the reason for our faith-to have life in Jesus, resurrected life! Come and celebrate the life Jesus has given you and promises to you even after this life comes to an end.


Pastor Stan