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Fitbit Spirituality

Recently I bought a Fitbit Surge HR. It monitors my steps each day, my heart rate, my sleep habits, and stairs taken, among other fitness activity. It can tell me who is calling on my cell phone and wake me in the morning. I find it useful to motivate me to walk more and eat better. I am even in several groups where there are challenges and you can cheer for each other to attain goals.

I have been thinking that it would be helpful to have a Fitbit for spiritual growth. A device that monitors the frequency of prayers offered or even the sincerity of the prayers offered, the number of Bible verses read in a day or week, the number of gracious acts offered to others or 'God sightings' in a day. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have such a device to remind us to take care of our spiritual needs as the Fitbit reminds me of taking care of my physical needs?

Until this device is invented, I suppose we will need to discipline ourselves to be attentive to our spiritual growth in other ways. I would offer some suggestions:

  • Join a Bible Study group, as it will discipline and enlighten your study
  • Become a part of a Prayer Circle to offer prayers for those in need
  • Volunteer at the Food Bank, school, shelter, Big Brothers/Big Sisters or  someplace you give yourself to others
  • Worship on a regular basis, offering God your presence and opening yourself to God's Spirit

These are only a few ideas. I am sure you could add others as well.  All we really need is the desire and willingness to be attentive to God's presence in our lives and be open to God calling us to draw closer to him. Maybe you could even pray while exercising ... I know I do!!

~Pastor Stan