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Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team holds the responsibility of following God’s call and leading the way for St. Mark’s members. This team oversees the vision, preaching, teaching, daily operations, and the far-reaching ministries of the church. They have committed to praying, studying Scripture, living God-honoring lives, setting the direction of the church, caring for members and non-members, and developing future leaders.

Pastor Ron Schlak -
Interim Pastor

Easter Greetings to you.  My name is Pastor Ron Schlak, and at this moment, I am the newest newcomer to St. Mark’s.  I will meet many of you on Sunday, April 11, and have already met many of you who serve on the church council.  I am what is called an “intentional interim pastor”.  That means my ministry is intended to be a temporary one.  My time among you is brief (usually twelve to eighteen months) but important.  I am the person who occupies that space between the longer term pastors (“installed pastors”) who have been with you and will be with you.  It is my job and my joy to help congregations rediscover some of their strengths in the meantime.  I help them find God’s presence among them, and I help them through the pain of losing one pastor while getting excited to greet the new pastor God is  bringing into their midst.  When my time with you is over, it will truly be over, as interim pastors are by the nature of the job ineligible to become installed pastors.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio as the first of four children. I attended Lutheran grade school, high school and colleges prior to attending Lutheran seminary.  The only non-Lutheran school I attended was the Institute of Formative Spirituality (a Roman Catholic institution at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh).  Additionally, my two brothers became Lutheran pastors.

My wife Vickie is a retired registered nurse.  We have three children – Dan, Tim and Amanda and five grandchildren, with one more on the way.  We live in Adamstown, so geographically we are located between the three cities our children live in.  In other words, we spend a lot of time with them. 

I was ordained in February of 1977 and received a call to serve St. John Lutheran Church in Palatka, Florida.  In the ensuing 30 plus years I served congregations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  During that time I was sent by the synod to help congregations experiencing conflict come to a more peaceful resolution.  In 2012 I was called to be Assistant to the Bishop for the Delaware Maryland Synod, where I served four years, after which time I decided to end full time ministry.  For the last five years I have served three times as an interim pastor.  Twice at Trinity Lutheran Church in Boonsboro and once at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Walkersville. 

I first felt God’s call to the ministry in high school and learned early on that I am supposed to be a pastor.  Nothing else seems to satisfy my soul as much as preaching or teaching or distributing Holy Communion.  In these acts of ministry I receive more than I give.  I also enjoy painting, restoring woodwork, and bike riding (in 2009 I joined two other Lutheran pastors and rode a three person bicycle throughout the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to raise $400,000 for Lutheran World Hunger). 

As a pastor my style is informal and relational. I am on journey of faith just like every other child of God is and I need the presence, counsel and support of God’s family as I take my place in that family.  My door is always open for a conversation, a cup of coffee or a meal together.  Although I live in Adamstown, my cell phone (304-561-4482) is always with me and I plan to be at St. Mark’s quite often.  Please call or text me at my cell number first.  My e-mail addresses are and  I check my e-mail every few hours.  I look forward to meeting you.

St. Mark's Leadership Team

Kathy Barr
Choir & Music Director Traditional

Karin Lytle
Music Director Contemporary

Alison Tyson

Brian Green
Maintenance Supervisor

Pat Kelley (
Church Council – President

Carol Seibert
Church Council – Vice President

Marilyn Cashman  ~  Church Council – Secretary

Ralph Bartles -
Church Council - Treasurer

St. Mark's Volunteer Staff

Julie Stouffer -
Food Bank Coordinator