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Patience Anyone?

Have you noticed how we all tend to struggle with waiting?  When we were little kids, Christmas day couldn’t come fast enough.  Minutes seem like days when you are waiting to open presents under the tree! Even during this time of year, we impatiently wait for winter to end.

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To Preach It Is To Live It!

I am a preacher, a term I have never preferred but which I cannot deny. I preach anywhere from two to six times a week during the year so I am a preacher. As a preacher I sometimes wonder if anyone is really listening, if the words register and then I am confronted by the fact that indeed some do listen and one of those who always listens is none other than the one I attempt to preach about, Jesus !! How do I know? Let me tell you:

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It's That Time Again!

It seems like we just finished celebrating Christmas and the start of a new year, and we did! But, in a few weeks, Lent will be upon us and it is once again “that time”! The time we think about the things we need to give up or stop doing.

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Council Ministry Team Assignments

Council Ministry Team Assignments – 2016 Property: Gary Doub, Brian Delosier Finance: Ralph Bartles, Gladys Spessard, Michelle Leatherman, Brian Delosier, Julie Fiery Worship & Music: Breanna Myers, Rhonda Bowers, Holly Fisher, Julie Fiery Stewardship: Stan Stouffer Faith Formation (Christian Ed): Kay Hartman, Rhonda Bowers, Julie Fiery Community Awareness: Elaine Rose, Stephen Elsen, Holly Fisher Friendship: Brian Delosier, Pat Myers, Kay Hartman Personnel: Stan Stouffer, Michelle...

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I Am a Mainline Protestant Under the Age of 35. Yes, We Exist

I spend (most of) my Sunday mornings sitting in a pew at an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation, singing old hymns, and reciting the Lord’s Prayer which I have had memorized since before I went to school.

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St Mark Community Food Bank Receives State Award

Our Food Bank that serves over 950 individuals a month and provides over 40 Micah Food Backpacks to Winter Street School each week was awarded the 'Outstanding Rural Partner Award' from the Maryland State Food Bank in Baltimore in September. This is an annual award to the local food bank that best serves the goals and mission of feeding individuals and families. The St. Mark Food Bank allows families to choose what food they prefer along with providing a choice of meat, eggs and produce.

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Celebration Children's Ministry

Join us for our new K - Grade 4 ministry in our newly redecorated 'Celebration Room'.  We meet at 9:30 am till 10:30 am for a time of games, music, bible lessons and crafts. We have revamped the hour to be more interactive and geared to the needs and interests of this age group. We know the kids will have a great time as they experience the love of Jesus in an exciting and fun environment.

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Life is Complicated: Handle with compassion

I wish I could claim this line but it is from Rev. David Lose, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia where I attended and from which I  graduated.  Yes, life is complicated and that is probably not something new to you.  Every day seems to prove this to be true.

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St. Mark's Women's Retreat - Oct. 24

We are excited to be planning our first Women's Retreat on Saturday, October 24th, with inspirational speaker Diane Swan.

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